Signature entrance at Mapakada Village Mahiyanganaya

In this blog article we give you 5 reasons why you should stay at Mapakada Village Mahiyanganaya and what you can look forward to, during your stay. You probably already know by now, why you should be visiting Mahiyanganaya. If you don’t, here’s five reasons why you should visit Mahiyanganaya

Aerial shot of Mapakada Village Mahiyanganaya

Nestled strategically adjacent to the Mapakada Lake, Mapakada Village is one of the best hotels to stay in Mahiyanganaya for at least five key reasons.

1. Mapakada Village is strategically located amidst abundant nature and wildlife

Mapakada Village Mahiyanganaya is tastefully located facing the serene Mapakada Lake with stunning views of the lake and the breath-taking mountains of the central hills. The Mapakada Lake not only supports the irrigation and livelihoods of neighbouring villages but is also home to vast biodiversity.

The resort also has a sprawling garden with abundant wildlife, from resident Guinea fowls, Hens, and Cockatoos to other numerous migratory and endemic bird species that frequent the Mapakada Lake. On many occasions, guests have spotted herds of Elephants come to bathe at the banks of the lake whilst on a boat ride. Besides this, the resort also has many species of flora and fauna which makes it an idyllic location for a nature immersed holiday

Resident Turkey and Guinea Fowls roam freely
The serene Mapakada Lake against the backdrop of the Central Hills

2. Mapakada Village offers curated experiences

This beautiful waterfront resort in Mahiyanganaya has curated a list of signature Mapakada Village experiences that can only be experienced at this resort and ones that will truly allow you to be immersed in nature, enjoying absolute serenity, relaxation and many picture-perfect moments.

The experiences can be enjoyed by groups of friends, family and couples alike and we guarantee that you wouldn’t regret it. Some of these experiences include sunrise breakfasts on top of the Weheragala mountain, accessed through a short 15min hike just before sunrise, an authentic Sri Lankan lunch at a local village home, high-tea by the lake where you can enjoy the beautiful sunset to BBQ night under the stars, to name a few.

The experiences are designed to enable guests to break away from typical buffet-style dining to experiential dining that is more memorable and relaxing. Besides these curated experiences, guest can also decide when and where they would like to dine within the property, giving guests absolute privacy whilst limiting contact with staff and other guests. Look out for an exclusive blog write up on the curated experiences at Mapakada Village Mahiyanganaya coming up next.

Sunrise breakfast on top of the Weheragala Mountain
Breakfast by the pool at Mapakada Village Mahiyanganaya

3. The delectable cuisine at Mapakada Villlage

Mapakada Village Mahiyanganaya is known for its delectable cuisine which ranges from traditional Sri Lankan, Indian, Chinese to a selection of Western dishes catering to varied taste pallets.

Our signature Sri Lankan dishes are served in a banana leaf and include a selection of Sri Lankan vegetable curries and succulent preparations of chicken, lake fish and fish curries to a range of traditional pickles and salads served with hot rice. The inhouse bar features a range of local and international alcohol and spirits, including a variety of cocktails. Don’t forget to try out the Mapakada Village signature cocktail – Ginger Blast, made with Ginger, local arrack and the best bees honey in Mahiyanganaya!

In house bar and cocktail preparation at Mapakada Village Mahiyanganaya
Traditional Sri Lankan Rice and Curry served on a Banana Leaf and in Clay pots
Burgers and Fries from Mapakada Village Mahiyanganaya

4. Mapakada Village is nature sensitive and environment friendly

Sustainability is a hot topic most hotels and businesses are talking about. Mapakada Village Mahiyanganaya takes sustainability very seriously. The entire resort is solar-powered. Meals are served in sustainable clayware that is sourced from the villages not only supporting their livelihoods but also supporting the environment. Curated guest experiences are designed to support sustainable tourism through community development efforts that create awareness, revenue and job opportunities for villagers. The resort also works closely with the Vedda community (the last of the indigenous people of Sri Lanka) to support their wellbeing and livelihood by involving them in some of the special guest attractions and experiences of Mapakada Village.

Besides caring for its resident wildlife, Mapakada Village supports the preservation of biodiversity by ensuring its hotel operations are conducted with minimum impact to the environment, facilitating a conducive environment for humans and nature to coexist and thrive. The resort is also working towards becoming an ISO 14001:2015 certified environmentally sustainable resort to further support its commitment to sustainability.

The owners of Mapakada Village Mahiyanganaya in conversation with a chief of the Vedda community
EExperiences at Mapakada Village Mahiyanganaya support the livelihoods of adjacent communities
5. Mapakada Village offers you a room with a view and great service

Last but by no means least, Mapakada Village’s 14-well-appointed rooms consists of breath-taking views of the Mapakada Lake, sprawling garden and infinity pool against the backdrop of the majestic mountainous terrains of the central hills. Each room is equipped with complimentary bath amenities, Airconditioning and hot water bathing, free WIFI and cable TV. This is further complemented by true Sri Lankan hospitality, exceptional guest experiences and the best in service Mahiyanganaya has to offer. Don’t just take our word for it,- the resort just won the 2020 TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice Award being adjudged as one of the top 10% of hotels and resorts in the region for consistently receiving a large number of great guest feedback for a period of one year.

Mapakada Village Mahiyanganaya offers you a room with a view
A haven of relaxation awaits you at Mapakada Village Mahiyanganaya

We hope this article whetted your appetite and curiosity to make Mapakada Village a must-visit for your next holiday. Contact us now on 0777926790 or click here to find out about our exciting offers at the moment or to make your booking.

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